This article will be slightly different from the others. I will not speak about current news, politics or science. It will be more a short trip between feelings and love, sprinkled with some imaginative parallel.

If you need something more close to the reality stop reading this, you could find this article boring or senseless.

Believe it or not in angels (and in the Supernatural in general) doesn’t change the fact that their figure is an excellent starting point for the following considerations.


Punished angels

Angels are magnificent for their pureness and strength but they have also another characteristic, the sense of duty. Sure, these are exceptional gifts compared to the mere mortals ones, but, are this characteristics so enviable?
Across the different religions in which angels are venerated there is a leitmotif, they haven’t an easy life. They are “condemned” (due to their own nature) to serve always and without the possibility to deny. They fought, they have exterminated cities, they announced love and violence, they have been punished and often no mercy has been reserved to them not even from their creators. How could it be worst? They have been assigned to the protection of beings much less worthy than them, the human beings.

At this point let’s make some room for metaphors. With a fantasy leap I have defined the “category” of the angels’ offspring (for the record let’s say that angels do not have the right to have an offspring, excluding some imaginative theories).
So, who are the angels’ offspring? They are a group of beings even more neglect of their parents. They are chained to their duties, obliged to serve especially for the the sense of duty rather than choice, weaker and more impure than their parents and probably they are the syntheses of the human and angelic misfortunes.


Do angels and their “offspring” share the same misfortune?

If we would continue with this game, we could include some famous people among the angels’ offspring to define even better the category. Where to begin? To many people, anyway we could think to personality like Giordano Bruno, Nikola Tesla, Spartacus, Alan Turing. Let’s put aside personalities and let’s speak about the backbone of the category, who are these offspring? Think about to all people who spend their life serving someone or something (job, family, society) without receive the deserved gratification. It is an army of millions of women and men who devote their life to the accomplishment of their duties, they are silent and participating, overwhelmed and not folded, oppressed and untamed, sometime happy (despite everything).

I love the angels’ offspring. I wish to this category all the best, I feel for them all the love that I am capable of, even if this love it is just a drop in the ocean compared to the love they should receive.
Someone among the offspring (famous or not) has been for me always an inspiration to keep going and to improve myself. Their strength to face every kind of obstacle, to don’t give up, to hold the line deserves the greatest esteem. These hoplites of human misfortune are capable of victories comparable to the angels ones and, unfortunately, they often share with them the exaggerate punishment in case of defeat.

I will overlook the sacred sphere (like celestial compensations and so on) because isn’t this one the right article, but my human nature would like to have a magic pen, a pen that would allow me to write a different screenplay for the movie of life. Using all the favoritism I am capable of I would write a very generous story for the angels’ offspring, a life full of prizes and rewards.
Unfortunately I haven’t such a pen, not even a small pencil. I can’t write anything like that, it is sad. Wait a moment… I haven’t a pen, a pencil, perhaps not even the paper. I can’t change anything for many people but if I would try it? Maybe I would just receive a lot of blows! Maybe I should just stop to think about it, I know where my head is “pointing” to, am I a son of an angel? Mmmmhhh I don’t know, strange feeling, I am persuaded by this sense of commonality, what shall I do? Shall I delete the article and have a coffee? Shall I delete the article and drink a beer? Shall I go to wash my face and come back to planet Earth? Perhaps I could also send my myself to fuck off, it would be quicker. No, I don’t want any of those, I want to keep going with this game, I hope only it won’t hurt too much!

Let’s resume. I take part in angels’ offspring cause, I haven’t a pen or a pencil, I am eligible to be kicked in the ass and I haven’t had a coffee… it looks like a Blues Brothers scenario! Blues Brothers!? Maybe I have a starting point about how shall I play this game, what would they do!? Okay, they would leave with an old car, put the pedal to the metal and wear sun glasses. I like it, I do the same.


Blues Brothers before leaving for a night trip

So, I leave in the middle of the night, a night that does not allow me to see far. I see only things close to me, it is enough.
I put the pedal to the metal, I speed up the minds and they push me far away to take the part in offspring‘s cause, next to them, without regrets and without fear of my minds speed. I don’t care if they can drag me even further, very far from where I am.
I wear sun glasses, I need them. I need them to get a limited sight. A limited sight will help me to always stand next to my faction’s mates. This is difficult task if you clearly see the whole picture.
Wait a moment, how the story ends up? They fulfill the aim but have been jailed. Let’s try to insert the jail in this game of metaphors. I do something on principle, I fulfill the aim, someone get the benefit and I will pay the consequences. The typical story. Anyway, if the game worth the hassle or it is for a noble cause I can pay the price. I am definitively on the side of the angels’ offspring!

It was a nice play and I have enjoyed it but it is time go back to reality.
I am looking out of the window and I see leaves fluttering in the wind, a sky, grey and sad, on the background. the wind is cold, it hardly gusts and it is merciless towards the leaves. The parallel between the leaves, for which the only scope is to collect light for the sake of plant, and the angels’ offspring is strong and almost granted. Now I am thinking to how many leaves I see everyday at the foot of the trees, they are a lot.


Leaves on the trees

Is it a wind fault if they fall? Yes indeed but it is not only that. Every fucking thing touches the leaves can make them fall. I am thinking to angels’ offspring, they are so many, and many fall every day. Horrifying scenario.
I look outside, again. There are still many leaves on the trees, they stand and probably will collect the light also tomorrow. This is a nice mind, despite the hits the leaves will still stand, to collect light and give life.
Maybe there is already a leaf with my name, maybe not, but I will behave like there would be one. I will be there and I will stand next to my closest leaves, I will hold to the wind and the blows and when the time will come I will fall but I would like to have already a new gem ready to bloom and reborn as a leaf. To be a flower or a fruit is not in my nature, it is not in the nature of the angels’ offspring.

Il Principe


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