… you were here, and now I can barely recognize you…

When I read this (use the translator for this page):

… and this:

I go nuts!

Why!? Let’s start from the beginning. I grew up in a liberal environment, on Sunday lunch someone was joking about why nuns still wear a veil, someone was talking about modernization of rules for priests and nuns etc., someone else about how much Sweden was emancipated (and Scandinavian countries in general) and about the fact that if I had left a luggage in the morning at the train station I would have found it in the evening and things like that.

Well, it was a Europe where I dreamt to be and a Europe where I always wanted to be!
I was only hoping that Italy could become more “European”, or better, more North-European… and now?
A Turkish lady opened a maison in France and now she is explaining to French people (and Europeans, I’d say) that the veil is not a form of submission.
Okay, not even the penis gourd of Guinean people is a symbol of submission, so, what shall I do? Shall I wear the penis gourd (see picture)


Penis gourd correctly wore

and go shopping? Or better, shall I go to pick up kids at school?

I strongly believe that I don’t need to justify myself for not being racist, xenophobe or something like, as I strongly believe that this discussion is going beyond racism.
The matter here isn’t racism, but tolerance and acceptance, so, let’s have a look at how others would tolerate and/or accept my behavior. If I go to my workplace canteen and I burp, and the reaction to this will be that my Irish colleagues isolate me, would it be racism!? No, that means that I am a boor according to the locale manners.
If I wear every day Italian jersey and if I say every day that Italian food is better than Irish food, I should not be surprised that local people would be annoyed, this would be just the result of the human suspiciousness about who doesn’t want to mix with the local community and extol the previous one. I think that this is an obvious fact.
I am not a sociologist, a scientist or similar but I think that this is an ancestral feeling.

Is this human suspiciousness right? There isn’t a mathematical formula to prove it, this is matter of opinion, and my opinion is Yes, human suspiciousness is right toward who is not proactive in integrating him/herself in the place where he/she lives, even worst, toward who is thinking to radically change the place where he/she should integrate him/herself.
To be precise, I am not speaking about mass conversion to Christianity, closure of mosques and so on -also because Europe is the most atheist continent- but I am saying that nobody can be authorized to turn back the clock. In Europe the clock hands mark the 21th century, you must agree with that, stop! And more, there isn’t more room in Europe for such things as infibulation and, surprise surprise… only in Italy there are between 30 and 35 thousand infibulated women. The statistic is dramatic if you think that few thousands of them have been infibulated in Bel Paese (Italy). There isn’t room for any compromise with this kind of integration, there is just one choice, reject it!

Considering this, what should be done?
Someone says that everything is lost, someone says that the Arabisation of European costumes is inevitable (I am not speaking about Islamization of Europe, I am not speaking about religion now), someone else thinks that violence is the answer.
I am not committed to any of those for hope and/or choice, but I say that it is moment to hold, hold the position till when this crap will not be downgraded as nonsense argument for Sunday lunch. How? We should not concede, within the range of our possibilities, to step back on freedom we gained! This depends a bit also from us.

Unfortunately, current politics is an inappropriate tool to give the right answer, European politics are too outlined in rhetoric discussions and the politically correct. Pretty much is impossible to say anything! … and because of this often politicians could not even say obvious things.
For instance, in most of the EU countries any politician that aims to the leadership and that needs a große koalition could say that that there is a maximum number of migrants that a society can assimilate, or if he/she would say it, this number would be much bigger than the real one (in my point of view).
The rhetoric related to this kind of politic of let’s do all and we achieve nothing disturbs me and disgusts me.

The West was born in the Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire extended it, the Holy Roman Empire avoided that it succumbed, Hungary avoided that it disappeared from half Europe, the French Revolution gave it a new shine, the Postwar extended its principles to the World… Will there be a new super-hero to add to the list above?
I hope so, and I hope it will soon arrive!

Il Principe


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