This could definitively be a non-pleasant discussion because personal memories could re-emerge and mix up with what it is written down. If so, I recommend the reader to stop reading, it is worthless feel sad for a post.

This article does not aim (through its chapters) to let you recall bad memories but it just wants to treat episodes and chronicles as facts that can influence an hypothetical Stock Market where lives are stocks and currencies. All of this is seasoned with a “pinch” of grim irony.

Chapter 1 – Quotation till 1000 A.D.

Find below the human life’s quotations related to an area and a historical period. Some references to places and/or periods could be vague.

Eden (undefined period)
Life price was a scare and an eviction.


Cain kicked Abel in the arse

For a compliment Cain killed Abel, so, Cain was driven away from Eden with a scare on the front. This was the story of a good young shepherd and the rude farmer according to old standards, actually they would be the butcher and the vegan.


Egypt (XVII century B.C.)
Life price was 1/10 of a Jew.


A firstborn

According to some scholars the people who joined Exodus were between 50 and 100 thousands, for simplicity we can get the average and say that they were 75,000. At the time Egyptian were 5 millions, living in families made by 7-8 people. We could say that there were about 700,000 families and there were 700,000 firstborns. Because of this we can say that 700,000 firstborns lost their lives for the liberation of 75,000 Exodus’ joiners.

Thermopylae, Greece (VII century B.C.)
Life price was 2.5 millions of modern Westerns. Half of credit for the victory against Persians has to be bestowed on Thermopylae’s guys (the other half on Salamis’ guys), even if Thermopylae Battle ended up as a defeat.


Spartan Phalanx in action

Half West actually worth 750 millions people, Spartans at Thermopylae were 300. The assumption is that every Spartan who fought the battle worth 2.5 millions of modern Western.
The formula 1 St = 5/2 • 10e6 Wm.

Rome (IV century B.C.)
Life price was 1,000 pounds of gold (454 Kilograms) to divide for the number of inhabitants of Rome.


Senons’ Chief, Brennus

At that time Rome had about 150 thousands inhabitants and, once the Senon Gaul Brennus won the Allia’s River Battle against Romans, he asked for 1,000 pounds of gold to spare Romans’ lives. After this we can say that the life of each Roman worth 3 grams of gold. The current value would be 105/110 euros.
The formula would be Lr = Wg • Pg / ∑ Ri

Judea, Roman Empire (I century A.D.)
Life price was 30 denarii.


Judas’ kiss, sale or shareholding?

To understand how much would worth a denarius in the current days we need to do some maths. For simplicity we consider a basket with just one item, the bread. Bread price was 2 asses (or 2 assarius, if you prefer) per kilogram, so, with the assumption that today’s bread price is around 3 euros we can say that 1 as (or assarius) worth 1.5 euros. Starting from here we can now calculate the value of a sestertius. For a sestertius you needed 4 asses, so the value of a sestertius was about 6 euros. A denarius was the equivalent of 4 sestertii, due to this we can conclude that a denarius was about 24 euros. The step to the 30 denarii is now very short, 30 denarii were the equivalent of 720 euros. There are other maths, baskets and starting points, nevertheless the value of 30 denarii will always be low.
According to the official Gospel, it sounds like that Judas opened the “sales” on his stock instead to “sell” them to the right price. After this he would also regret the choice and hang himself under a bridge in London… no, that one was Roberto Calvi, so, let’s say to Judas hang himself somewhere.
More plausible would be an Apocrypha version in which Judas helped Jesus to accomplish the extreme action so that later he can Resurrect. According to this this version would be easier to accept the “low” price for betraying, the 30 denarii would make much more sense and Judas’ gesture to kill himself could be considered as a dividend.

Europe (undefined century during Middle Ages A.D.)
Life price was a forced fuck (everyone can just set the price by him/herself).


Women and oppressors

Women that suffer the lost of their husband during the pillage of the town usually should pay an extra fee to the oppressors, not counting the fact that they were usually raped during the raid. To get back the husband’s body a woman should “offer” herself to the killer to satisfy his sexual desire.
Nothing easier than each of us carries in his/her DNA part of the DNA of the dead man, the widow and the oppressor… this thing make me shiver.

For the moment we can stop here, new quotations will be soon available..

Il Principe


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