I know, behind all of this there is the Marvel! It can’t be different, every time that seems that the last mad lunatic jerk leaves the stage a new one jumps on it. I am far to justify a World’s Policeman policy or justify the chronic interference made by some countries in others countries affairs but, this time Kim Jong-un pissed out of the jar, at least 2,200 Km out of the jar.

Kim, the quarterback

Should be worried about? If it’d be like I think, for sure we don’t have to worry about. Kim Jong-un is not real, he is just a character created by Marvel. This time the comics company outdo itself, it created a new villain that no one among Batman, Spiderman and Superman’s enemies can match! The haircut (plum cake style), the body (an unfrozen leader from the 50s), the speeches (Donald and Silvio are just beginners if compared with him), the punishment methods (thrown someone to dogs, poisoning etc.) have created an exceptional character. It seems that someone have seen Joker in Marvel Studios‘s hallways asking to himself and now, what shall I do?.

Okay, look and appearance are not everything, the screenplay is crazy too. Like in a blockbuster inspired by comics, in this story we have a villain so evil that he would not think twice to burn down few millions people even if this would mean that he and his 50 millions fellow citizens would burn down too. It’s unreal LOL, this would not even happen in the Dark Night Batman’s trilogy! … Plus, on the other side there isn’t Batman, there could be a character much stronger, there is a new Marvel’s hero recently came out, his name is Donald Trump. He was already the main character in a couple of movies (Blondman conquers Washington e 1000 Nukes for Blondman) and it seems that soon there will come out the last episode of the trilogy. Is it possible that in this last movie we could see opposed these two new characters? Who knows what can come out, a blockbuster!, guarantee the fans.


Now, we all agree that this is a fictional situation and these are just movies. But, let’s suppose for a moment that behind all of this there would not be the Marvel. Lets’ suppose that there is for real a leader of a poor country non-aligned with the West (and maybe with anyone else), with a 3rd level army but with atomic weapons. Let’s suppose that this leader is so sure that in case of an escalation China and Russia (or at least one of them) will not let anyone to have carte blanche for retaliation (most likely States, South Korea or perhaps Japan). Let’s suppose that this leader bought gold on stocks markets and with a crisis like this he could triple, decuple or more his capital. Let’s suppose that this leader at a certain point will open his hands, move forward in his chair and says okay, let’s fire the nuke. What would do the World? Dozens and dozens of movies proposed different scenarios, uncountable situations,  actions and reactions. Could it be that one of those could be real? In this case, in the 95% of  the scenarios end up in pile of shit. What shall I do? I can’t do anything more that bring to the kitchen some old bottles I have saved for great occasions.

Okay, stop with this nonsense, these are just screenplays.By the way, I will go check right now if the Trump e Jong-un movie came out, Kim shoots, Blondman shoots back. Critics say that it is unmissable, I hope it won’t be a load of shit.

Il Principe


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