This short article does not have any topic related to history, serious, sad or touchy stuffs. I have pushed aside historical truths, the abomination of war, the sadness of death during war and more, the article has only the ambitions to stay in a witty area. Keep reading only if you are in the mood.


Finally is arrived! Finally is arrived a top level female superhero (I will not use the term super-heroine for obvious reasons), Wonder Woman is here! Diana does not have anything less than her male “colleagues”, she is capable to kick your ass twice and do it again, she does not belong to any team and she is a one-woman slaughterhouse, or at least very close to that.

Diana’s character has been revised and corrected compared to the “naive” character of the ’70s TV series interpreted by Lynda Carter. Diana is definitively in step with the times and Gal Gadot’s interpretation is a high level one, brava!

American officer

German soldier

In its entirety the movie hold the line very well and I did like it a lot, I recommend it (for what you can care about)… but there is something that keeps me perplexed and leads me to some questions. Why Captain Steve does not drive the plane to open water where he could have had avoid the explosion and could have saved his life? Why a fucking idiot as Goblin can make it every time and Ares in person, or in divinity, seems to be gone after the first appearance in a movie? … The idea of an Ares dumber than Goblin keep me even more perplex but let’s move on. Why insert in the screenplay a Turkish man among the “heroes”? Has it been made to balance the presence of the Ottoman Empire among the “villains”? Why to save just them from a bad reputation? And the most important, why all superheroes persecute Germans? Why the fuck a German soldier of the World War I shall be considered a member of the forces of evil when the English has to be considered the good guy? After Captain America endeavor in Germany I hoped that the “bullying” against Germans would come to an end but, ta-da, Wonder Woman just arrived and killed the fathers to the soldiers killed by the puny New Yorker under doping drugs.

The forces of evil

Yes, it is fiction, it is for fun, but stop it now, please. Too much is too much. I am quite scared that a day California would become independent, you never know if the high military command  in Hollywood would declare war to Germany and will send Wonder Woman in Berlin, Captain America in Munich and Superman in Frankfurt… Californian screenwriters, limit yourselves a bit, and more, wasn’t America first the motto of that guy that you did not like that much?

In this moment I offer all the solidarity I can express to the Germans, without superheroes in the enemy armies, they would never ever lose those fucking wars!

Il Principe


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